Never pass a failure without learning from it!! Structural failures are not just accidents, nor are acts of God. They are the results of human error originating from oversight, negligence, ignorance or greed.
Early Savings in design and construction costs often boomerang as later and larger costs of loss, repair and litigation.
― Robert T. Ratay
“Create with the heart; build with the mind.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy Our team follows best quality practices and exceeds client’s expectations. Our Success is the sum of small efforts repeated
Day - in and Day - out
We believe in effectiveness rather than just efficiency.

Welcome to NVLN

We are a group of highly skilled and energetic people working on Structural Rehabilitation and Retrofitting. NVLN has a vision to carry out works needed to restore the structural integrity back to the buildings. We have grown from strength to strength within a short period of time. NVLN has proven expertise in Planning and Scheduling, Restoration, Quality and control assurance with maximum project safety.

NVLN offers remedial and cost-conscious solutions to concrete repairs and protection, Structural Strengthening, Composite Structural Strengthening, Bridge Repair and Retrofitting, Waterproofing, Non-Destructive system.


We are committed to enhance the Structural Performance and Extend Service Life!


NVLN team consists of a highly qualified and skilled, dynamic, and diverse group of people who are passionate, highly committed, and having high levels of motivation. Our team brings a rich mix of functional and technical expertise.


To be the best Performing construction and building restoration enterprise, redefining the customer service standards. Exceeding clients expectations and working towards continual improvement.


We are committed to deliver the projects with high quality at scheduled time zones. We value our customers, people and suppliers with a deep sense of responsibility
We provide end to end building Restoration Services to help clients to improve safety and longevity of structures.
We are committed to always provide safety measures and prevents unsafe practices by analyzing the work processes and procedures prior to the commencement of work.


We at NVLN adhere to provide a healthy working environment for all our Workers, Employees, Visitors and Clients


Establishing a safe system of work procedures in all work process and continuously reviewing its suitability and effectiveness