Traffic Systems

Traffic systems are more vulnerable to the elements like oil, acids, UV Radiations, environment effects, impact and abrasion forces offered by vehicles which lead to deterioration and needs repair works continuously with time.

Protective material for this deterioration is chosen and applied in such a way that it resists all chemical attacks, weathering effects, fuel spillage, abrasive forces, UV radiations and vibrations. Due to this activity, the cost of the project may increase, but neglecting this application lead to heavy loss in finance in future. A deteriorated parking structure may require extensive repairs as a neglected quay or Wharf. So it costs more for repairing the structure after the degradation than the initial investment.

There are different types of car parking ways, where this application is different in different areas which are listed below.

  • Exposed Deck
  • Ramps
  • Walkways/Stairwells
  • Demarcation
  • Service Corridors

Application Suitability

Each parking facility consists of a range of zones or areas and requires a number of surface applications like Line Marking, Multi Storey, Top Deck, Ramps, Multi Storey, Internal Deck, Stairways, Turning, Circles, Stair Landings, Entrance to Shopping Malls


  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Attractive: Brightens up dull, dark and musty car park environments.
  • Resistant: Excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and has a low slip potential.
  • Reduces Noise: Minimizes unwanted noise from tire squeal.
  • UV Stable: Maximum UV light stable. Prevents from yellowing effect.
  • Fuel Spillage Resistant: Petrol, Diesel, Antifreeze, Hydraulic Fluid, Chlorides, Battery Acids.
  • These enable very fast in applications and therefore reducing downtime.
  • Coating system for intermediate decks of multi storey structures: It cosmetically enhances and reduces noise, making multi storey car parks brighter, Safer environments to visit.